Week 16 - Blog Post 2

I have several different, but related, businesses that I have been developing and building over the past twenty years. The businesses are:

1.      Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC – My main business that is engaged in managing consulting and a number of other businesses;
2.      The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report – the investment newsletter I started in 2012.
3.      The Value Driver Institute – the Value Driver Institute is a non-profit “think tank” with a mission to conduct research on enterprise value driver theory and the enterprise value creation process; and to take the business incubator concept to places in the world where business incubators are not commonly found, but where they are needed the most; and
4.      Private Capital Network (PCN) – PCN, which was founded in 2007, is an angel investment group with chapters in San Diego and Orange County. I am the president of this organization.

I started this course with the intention of promoting only the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report using ecommerce and social media marketing.  As the course has progressed, I have come to realize how interrelated these four businesses actually are and that grouping them in the ecommerce and the social media realms in such a way that they support and reinforce each other is the best way to promote each of them. As a result, I have put links on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to each of the four business entities. And I have put links from the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report and Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC to the others. Furthermore, as the course has progressed, I have promoted each of the four business entities in ways that are unique and appropriate to each of them using ecommerce and social media.

As these are real and ongoing businesses, I have a need to promote each of them using ecommerce and social media. And, indeed, ecommerce and social media are the most important avenues for promoting businesses in today’s current environment, I believe. Businesses that understand this will have a better chance at survival and prospering; and those that don’t, are likely to fail. I took the Mira Costa College courses in ecommerce and social media marketing concurrently with the intention of learning everything I could about ecommerce and social media marketing. Both courses have been excellent and have moved me significantly higher on the learning curve for ecommerce and social media marketing. Both courses have surpassed my expectations for what I thought I would learn and helped me to meet the objectives I had for promoting my businesses using ecommerce and social media. What I have accomplished in this regard to date is a work in progress and will probably never be complete. There will always be ways to improve on what I have done. And the ecommerce and social media realms will continue to evolve, necessitating further enhancements and developments.

One significant accomplishment that I made while in the course was to develop my offsite presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This offsite presence is helping me to drive more traffic to my company websites.

Another significant development that pertains to the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, in particular, was getting everything in place to set up a payment system for people to be able to subscribe to the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report. As I have discussed previously, I have settled on using Digital Access Pass as the shopping cart provider and PayPal as the payment gateway. I will be setting these systems up in the next few weeks.

Since the course began in January, I have added several new sections to the print edition of the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report to make it a more professional and a more useful investment newsletter publication.

I have long been interested in developing a low cost/no cost expert system methodology. I experimented with a design for such a system and was able to construct one using Google Forms. Please click Animal Identification to see the experimental, and very simple, expert system I designed to identify an animal. My next project will be to design such a system for an investment process, like the process in Book #9 – Four Easy and Powerful Steps to Building Wealth which can be found on the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report.

I use MS Project to plan and manage projects. I have designed two such projects for the two courses on ecommerce and social media marketing. As there is not a way to upload them to the course shell, I will send these by separate email.

In terms of time, keeping up with social media I have found can be quite time consuming. But it is vitally important to use social media. Therefore, I plan to make the time to use it.

Thank you for a great course!



  1. Hi Paul,

    I remember reading your intro at the beginning for the course and thinking that you are a pretty interesting guy! Cheers on your effort in the class, which is evident in your thoughtful and organized posts. You're certainly correct about the vital importance of social media to a business; in fact, I follow a wealth-building account on Instagram called, "Major League Trading." Indeed, there are many accounts similar to @majorleaguetrading. Their formula seems to be providing a few helpful hints about trading or wealth-building, oftentimes via a short video or image-rich post, concluded with a call-to-action and appropriate link to a paid group or website. I personally believe that Instagram is a great place to cultivate new clients and is one of the most important platforms amongst millennials; by creating image or video-rich content with just a tidbit of concrete content (in your case info about portfolio-building) you will have a powerful bait in which to draw new clients. As you build-out your online presence, may I offer one piece of advice: write in a sans serif font; sans serif is more appropriate for screen, while a serif is good for print (this is something I learned in another class). Congrats on your effort and achievement; I'll be keeping an eye on your business!


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