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Week 11 - Email Marketing Blog Post 1

The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, which is my business, is an investment newsletter. This is a monthly newsletter. There is a subscription price for the printed version of the newsletter, which I have not yet started charging. Starting the paid subscriptions is one of the main reasons I am taking this course.

I have been developing this newsletter for over six years. The content in each issue, which is investment based, now includes an economic and investment review; an article of general investment interest; a focus list of stock recommendations; a full list (348) of stocks ranked by our award-winning Cassandra stock picking model; various stock market valuation models; convertible securities; special situation stocks; a stock highlight; the Intrinsic Value Wealth Creation Pyramid; a monthly financial planning tip; alternative investments (e.g., real estate, private equity, oil & gas); and announcements of upcoming events and research developments.

I do subscribe to several othe…

Blog Post 2 - Week 10

Please refer to the Categories section on the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report. I have developed these categories over the past 7 years to make the blog posts more organized and meaningful to my readers.

The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report has a lot of information on it. There is probably more diverse information on the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report than there is on most other investment newsletter websites. It even has information that is not strictly investment related (e.g., the Value Driver Institute and Book #5, which covers Management Tools). This is because the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report was written to cover material I teach in a variety of courses, in addition to having material which pertains to an investment newsletter. Accordingly, it is very necessary to categorize information in order for my subscribers to be able to access the information they need.

Blog Post 1 Week 10

I have been writing blogs since 2012. I find them to be very useful. Click here for a complete listing of all of the blogs I have written since the inception of the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report.

My blogs are written to be very professional. While I do put some human interest into the blogs, I tend to stay away from that and stick to strictly professional writing. This is generally preferred in writing an investment blog, though there are plenty of people that break this rule - and do so effectively (think "Mad" Jim Cramer). But, that is not my style. I prefer to be thought of as more of an academic, professional, and scholarly writer.

Blog Post Week 9

1. I found Seeking Alpha; Value Line; Morningstar;, Forbes Nesletters, and two for Donald Trump.

2. To find them, I just typed in their names. It wasn't difficult to find them at all.

3. I created a list for newsletter distributors, as this is who I am targeting for distributing my investment newsletter.

4. Creating these lists will help me to organize my target audiences as my "Following" list grows.

5. During normal business hours is the best time to reach the newsletter distributors. But, I have to keep in mind that I am operating in all time zones with them.

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Week 8 Blog Post 2

Most of the businesses that publish investment newsletters and other investment services use YouTube. I believe YouTube is a very effective media in the investment newsletter and investment services business. The firms below that do use YouTube post on a fairly frequent basis. I plan to try to use YouTube more often in my own businesses.

Cabot Wealth Management - Cabot uses YouTube.

Prudent Speculator - Prudent Speculator uses YouTube.

American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) - While AAII has more resources than many of the other investment services, surprisingly, they don't appear to use YouTube or other video media. They do use a lot of print graphics, though.

Fidelity - Fidelity makes a lot of use of YouTube.

Charles Schwab - Schwab makes a lot of use of YouTube. - uses YouTube and a separte TV channel.

Week 8 Blog Post 1

I have used YouTube. I like the media and the flexibility that the media provides. It is, however, very time consuming to make a video. I have only used YouTube twice. I did this for a class I taught and; in the case of the second YouTube video, as an experiment for promoting Book #9, Four Easy and Powerful Steps to Building Wealth, on the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report.

The first YouTube video I made was for a class on Ecommerce I taught a while back. The video link is here. As you can see, I recorded the video myself. It worked out well, I believe - especially for a first attempt.

The second YouTube video I made on PowToons, which is a service that allows one to create a cartoon of the content that one wants to promote. To view that video, click Building Wealth in Four Steps.

I am exploring the use of podcasts as a means of promoting my various businesses, which include the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, the Value Driver Institute, Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC, and Private Ca…

Week 7 Blog 2

I have not scheduled any content because I need to release the content as appropriate and depending on the markets and other investment and regulatory factors. However, I would direct viewers to the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report to view the blog content that I do on a regular basis and have been doing since 2012.

I do plan to use some of the past blogs from the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report; and new blogs to add to the Facebook page.

Week 7 Blog 1

I listed the following businesses:

1. Value Line
2. Fidelity
3. The Prudent Speculator
5. Cabot Wealth Managment
6. Seeking Alpha
7. Forbes
8. Barrons
9. The Wall Street Journal

I listed these businesses because most of them are publications that I use in my own research. Some of them are competitors, so this will help me keep up to date with what they are doing. In the case of Seeking Alpha, I plan to be a contributor to their content.