Blog Post Week 3 Part 1

I experience difficulty communicating with businesses and government agencies all of the time. I am finding a more recent trend of businesses and government agencies not providing phone numbers in order to be able to contact them. In many cases, they also do not provide physical street address. Of course, many businesses are operated out of someone's home or a warehouse or somewhere similar, where it is not feasible or appropriate to visit them.

I have not found that social media has made it easier for me to get noticed or to get my problem solved. But that may be because I am relatively new to using social media and haven't yet learned all of the ins-and-outs of how to effectively use social media. By the same token, I have not had any positive experiences communicating with a business through social media. I am looking forward to exploring the medium of social media and all of its vast potential.

In the case of my own business, I intentionally set the website up such that people's comments could not be read by site visitors other than myself. This also means that I don't really have to respond to posts, which I prefer not to do due to a lack of time. I don't believe people that visit my website really expect a response.


  1. Good evening Paul,
    I understand your point of view, it different from mine but I agree. I can't agree more using social media for business is time consuming.
    Sincerely, your classmate
    Jesus E. Origel

  2. Do you have any examples of negative or neutral experiences when communicating with businesses on social media?

  3. Hi Paul,
    I see where you are coming from, even if it is different from my experiences. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a reply from a business if there are a lot of people who are messaging them individually. In my experience, when I have a question I will read the comments under their social media posts and sometimes others will have the same question. It is easy for businesses to reply to these comments and then anyone who has the same question can see it too.

  4. Hi Paul! Even though I am quite familiar with social media myself I have to agree that it is not the best way to communicate or problem solve. I'm sure if you try to reach out in the future though you will be successful! Emailing is still my preferred way to reach out with issues or concerns. What is your website? Look forward to reading your next post!


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