Blog Week 4 Post One
1.Apple is, of course, a very large company that has a lot of resources with which to build an excellent website. In fact, Apple is the largest capitalization company in the world, with a market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion.
2.Apple’s website has a clean and crisp look to it. It highlights its products well. The website makes good use of color. And the website is organized well. The website is not cluttered. Good design, branding, and aesthetics all of contribute to these good characteristics.
1.Toyota also has a clean website that is not cluttered. Toyota is a sponsor of the Olympics, and advertises that fact right up front on the website. Like Apple, it highlights its products (i.e., automobiles) well. Toyota makes good use of color. The website also makes good use of the vehicle images that rotate, capturing one's attention.
2.Toyota is also a very large company with the resources to build and maintain a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing website.

Blog Post Week 3 Part 2

1.Forecasts and Strategies a. b.They use links, though not regular social media links, to advertise their other newsletters in the newsletter group (they publish 5 newsletters). c.I know the publisher and the marketing group that works with this newsletter. People do click the links and subscribe to the newsletters. d.Date of last post: today. They are very active bloggers. e.In my opinion, they could use social media such as Facebook and Twitter a lot more. In fact, I don’t believe they use these social media platforms at all. 2.Eagle Publishing a. b.They use links, though not regular social media links, to advertise their other newsletters in the newsletter group. They are the publisher of several newsletter groups, including Forecasts and Strategies. c.I know the publisher and the marketing group that works with this newsletter. People do click the links and subscribe to the newsletters. d.They don’t appear to be activ…

Blog Post Week 3 Part 1

I experience difficulty communicating with businesses and government agencies all of the time. I am finding a more recent trend of businesses and government agencies not providing phone numbers in order to be able to contact them. In many cases, they also do not provide physical street address. Of course, many businesses are operated out of someone's home or a warehouse or somewhere similar, where it is not feasible or appropriate to visit them.

I have not found that social media has made it easier for me to get noticed or to get my problem solved. But that may be because I am relatively new to using social media and haven't yet learned all of the ins-and-outs of how to effectively use social media. By the same token, I have not had any positive experiences communicating with a business through social media. I am looking forward to exploring the medium of social media and all of its vast potential.

In the case of my own business, I intentionally set the website up such that pe…

Blog Post 2B

I posted on the blogs of Ava Domann, Storm Marquis, and Maxim Caradonna.

Blog Post 2A

Social media, according to Professor Claudia Faulk, at its most basic level is about communication. It is used by everyone - individuals, businesses, and even governments. It is the "new" way that people communicate; although it is really not so new, as sites such as My Space and LinkedIn have been around since the early 2000s. There were even platforms such as AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, which could be considered early forms of social media, that were developed in the 1990s.

The social media platforms that seem geared towards personal use, by my observations, are Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat also appear to be popular personal social media platforms. In the dating realm, Tinder and eHarmony have been long-time favorites. There are many newer, and popular, entrants in the dating world that have gained their popularity only recently. An example here is Bumble.

Social Media Platforms that are most geared toward businesses are LinkedIn, …

Week 1B Blog - Responses To My Group Members

I responded to Jennifer Mezacook; Anitzia Chavez; and Julia Domann in Group 1.

Week 1A Blog - My Blog Theme

I chose a template/theme for my class blog that has a clean, somewhat business-like, feel to it. I have always preferred darker colors on my web pages and blogs when I use colors. Here are links to two of my other websites to show you what I have used in the past for themes and templates: Intrinsic Value Wealth Report and Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC. I do have a confession to make - I have not updated Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC in seven or eight years (because I rarely use that website). It is very out of date. I'm going to take the opportunity afforded by this class to update this website and clean up some other E-commerce and social media transgressions on all of my websites that I have been ignoring for far too long.

I do feel somewhat vindicated by Berkshire Hathaway's website though. For those of you who may not be familiar with Berkshire Hathaway, this is the company managed by famed investor Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway was actually the result o…