Blog Week 4 Post One

1.      Apple is, of course, a very large company that has a lot of resources with which to build an excellent website. In fact, Apple is the largest capitalization company in the world, with a market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion.

2.     Apple’s website has a clean and crisp look to it. It highlights its products well. The website makes good use of color. And the website is organized well. The website is not cluttered. Good design, branding, and aesthetics all of contribute to these good characteristics.

1.      Toyota also has a clean website that is not cluttered. Toyota is a sponsor of the Olympics, and advertises that fact right up front on the website. Like Apple, it highlights its products (i.e., automobiles) well. Toyota makes good use of color. The website also makes good use of the vehicle images that rotate, capturing one's attention.

2.      Toyota is also a very large company with the resources to build and maintain a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing website.

1.      The first thing one notices when visiting this website is the colors that are used on the website. To me, it is not a very pleasing combination of colors. Using children’s faces on the website is appealing; but may not be appropriate in today’s society with so much concern over child abuse and other problems. Overall, the website lacks appeal. It looks like a very cheap marketing website.

1.      There are many problems that I see with this website. For starters, the website name is too long. It is good to use rotating pictures; but the pictures move much too fast to be able to read. The colors are not very appealing to me. And the models are not overly attractive. The website does not look like it was done professionally and lacks overall appeal.


  1. Well done, I feel the same way. I agree with your point of view, very thought out observation.

  2. Hi,
    I agree that their is a huge difference in design between the websites that you liked and the ones you didn't. The more simple and user-friendly the website is, the better. Otherwise the design will overtake the website and the visitor won't be able to focus on the important information. When it comes to color and fonts, a website should stick to one or two at most. Nice observations!

  3. What did you like about the color scheme? If anything, I think that Apple can be too monochromatic.


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