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Week 1B Blog - Responses To My Group Members

I responded to Jennifer Mezacook; Anitzia Chavez; and Julia Domann in Group 1.

Week 1A Blog - My Blog Theme

I chose a template/theme for my class blog that has a clean, somewhat business-like, feel to it. I have always preferred darker colors on my web pages and blogs when I use colors. Here are links to two of my other websites to show you what I have used in the past for themes and templates: Intrinsic Value Wealth Report and Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC. I do have a confession to make - I have not updated Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC in seven or eight years (because I rarely use that website). It is very out of date. I'm going to take the opportunity afforded by this class to update this website and clean up some other E-commerce and social media transgressions on all of my websites that I have been ignoring for far too long.

I do feel somewhat vindicated by Berkshire Hathaway's website though. For those of you who may not be familiar with Berkshire Hathaway, this is the company managed by famed investor Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway was actually the result o…