Week 16 - Blog Post 1

Responses to Week 16 Assignment

  • Which ones integrate best with the type of business you have created?
LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook integrate best with all four of my businesses.
  • Which have you enjoyed using the most? The enthusiasm or lack there of for a type of media is often shared along with the posts we write. This class gave you an opportunity to experiment with a variety of them. Now you can focus in on what seems the most effective ones to use.
I have enjoyed using LinkedIn and Facebook the most.
  • Which work best on a daily use pattern?
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all work well on a daily use basis. However, I have not been using Twitter on a daily use basis yet.
  • Which can you still use effectively on a much less frequent time schedule?
I can probably use LinkedIn effectively on a much less frequent time schedule.


  1. Howdy Classmate,

    Your website looks very professional, clean, and straight to the point. I browsed your social media sites facebook, and twitter. Good Start! However, I would recommend creating an Instagram account. Like our instructor mentioned, you will find that you get more likes, and people interacting on instagram. And the most important feature you can integrate and link social media accounts. For example, if you post something on instagram, it will automatically post of FaceBook.

    Good Luck,



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