Week 15 Blog Post 2

I will be using the analytics from Professor Faulk's business.

I am new to using Google Analytics, and have much to learn. But here are some preliminary thoughts and observations:

1.  The Page Summary shows a great deal of activity in the past 28 days.
2.  She has posted a lot and appears to have good reach according to the "recent posts" page.
3.  The majority of her followers are in the 25 to 64 age range (demographics).
4.  The majority of her fans, 66%, are men; 34% are women.

On a side note, I was visiting an open house the other day. The realtor showed me his Facebook statistics. He was able to see that most of the people that viewed his ads are women. The exception is Phoenix and areas along the coast, where men view the ads more often. He had a complete breakdown of the analytics, which helps him and his company better target their ads and their ad budget.


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