Week 13 - Blog Post 2

Facebook has dozens of types of ads, but three standout and are highlighted in the book, Likable Social Media. They are as follows:

1. Driving Traffic and Leads Ads;
2. Post Likes and Engagements; and
3.  Ap Installation Ads.

One of the websites that we visited as part of our assignment, FitSmallBusiness.com, has Facebook ad templates. These can be used along with other resources to create good online ads using any of the social media.

For investment newsletters, using ads once a month is probably very sufficient.

I plan to target my audience somewhat broadly. My target audience includes DIY investors; retired persons; upper income persons; and millennials.

I also plan to use the boost feature. The Likable Social Media book states that fewer than 10 percent of my fans will see my posts if they are not boosted.


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