Blog Post Week 17

  • How has your use of social media changed over the semester?
My use of social media has changed considerably over the semester. In fact, it went from essentially zero to very involved in the case of LinkedIn, and to a lesser extent Facebook. I use LinkedIn on a daily basis and am actively building my business contacts on LinkedIn. My contacts now total 155 - consisting of contacts from around the globe.
  • Has there been an impact on your business? Growth of customers and increased interaction is a key component.
Yes, I believe that there has been a significant positive impact on my business. LinkedIn, in particular, has increased my visibility considerably. Even on Facebook, I have become more visible.
  • Has your viewpoint of social media changed?
I took the course because I wanted to get good at using social media. I have long recognized the importance of social media. This course has affirmed and reinforced that belief.
  • Do you have a better understanding of how to use it successfully to develop a business?
Yes, indeed. I have a much improved understanding of how to use social medial to support my businesses. This course was everything I expected and more. Besides learning a tremendous amount of how to use social media, this course has made me actually use social media. I think I was intimated by using social media to a large extent before this course. Now I feel very comfortable using social media.
  • Did you find social media for businesses, services and products you want to use yourself?
I did find a payment gateway, PayPal, that I want to use. And I found the shopping cart provider, Digital Access Pass, that I intend to use with the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report. I have also seen how some of my competitors are using social media. That has been helpful as well.

Thank you Claudia for a great course!



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