Blog Week 5 Post 2

I have been writing an investment newsletter on and off since 1994. My current investment newsletter, the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, is starting its seventh year of publication. From my experience with the newsletters that I have written; and the many newsletters that I read and have studied for ideas, I believe there are two types of customers/subscribers to investment newsletters:

1.      The first is the do-it-yourself (DIY) investor. This person likes to buy individual securities with which to build an investment portfolio. The people in this category that subscribe to investment newsletters will typically subscribe to more than one newsletter. They are looking for good investment ideas for their portfolios. I recently gave a talk at a large investment club, however, and was surprised to learn that most of the audience, who I thought would be DIY investors, actually were not DIY investors at all. They must have been in the second category  discussed below.

2.      The second category of subscriber to investment newsletters are people that just like to read what newsletter editors have to say about various topics, including investments (many investment newsletters cover topics other than investments in addition to investment topics). They may or may not be DIY investors; but typically they are not. This type of investor most often invests in mutual funds and/or employs a professional investment adviser. They are most interested in learning about various investment topics and investment ideas so that they can talk with others about these ideas.

I am looking forward to this week’s assignment on creating a Facebook business page. I was about to create one on my own; then discovered that it is our assignment for this week. And I am looking forward to learning about how to promote my newsletter online.

On another note, I held my monthly angel investor meeting this afternoon. Two of the four companies that presented today actively use social media in promoting their businesses. And, in fact, they have been very successful in promoting their businesses in this manner.


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